De Biarritz Yearbook 2017

The Shore Cut / De Biarritz official video

Coming May 2017

Available since May 2017

DPY edition is proud to introduce De Biarritz Yearbook 2017, a modern almanach to explore, document & record the west coast surf scene from basque country to french landes. The book showcases current events, bringing to light the abundant creativity around surfing and the people involved in it.

This new chapter is the natural extension to the books already edited by DPY about European skateboarding and the first step in the surfing scene. A never been done before.
Coming this year is a 208 pages book documenting the west coast surfing, with a special focus on french paradises, Biarritz and Hossegor.

De Biarritz Yearbook 2016 comes with its promo video, The Shore Cut, and an exclusive exhibition to maximise the impact and link with the community.

Coming May 2017